Don’t Ever Sneeze (The Saucy Meatball Post)

I grew up in a household heavily influenced by our Italian heritage. Homemade meatballs and sauce were the norm but none ever came close my grandmother's. Her's were THE BEST. I came close to replicating her meatballs once but that was a fluke. It was a last minute thing and I literally threw a bunch of … Continue reading Don’t Ever Sneeze (The Saucy Meatball Post)


C²: Crafting and Procrastinating

A few months ago my sewing needle broken while I was repairing a broken purse strap. Luckily for me the purse was as repaired as it was going to get so I didn't see the need to replace the needle. This, of course, lead to the needle not being replaced for five months. I also … Continue reading C²: Crafting and Procrastinating