Get Your Crock-Pot On (a review)

How I came by my Hamilton Beach slow cooker is a short story. A roommate moved out and she left it. My then-roommate and I gave her a few weeks to come by and collect it (and other items) and when she didn't, voila! New slow cooker. Sadly, I never used it until a few … Continue reading Get Your Crock-Pot On (a review)


The Wonderful World of Waffling (a review)

A few years ago we were shopping for a waffle iron for my mother-in-law. Along the way we ended up buying a waffle iron ourselves and I impulsively bought a cookbook to go along with it. The book in question? Will it Waffle? by Daniel Shumski. I was drawn in by the image on the cover and … Continue reading The Wonderful World of Waffling (a review)

Review: The Chinese Takeout Cookbook

Recently we were drawn to one of our favorite cookbooks. We made recipes from it for nearly a month. The book? The Chinese Takeout Cookbook by Diana Kuan. I found it years ago while browsing her blog, ended up buying it, and haven't regretted it since. That was June 2013 and since then we've had so many delicious … Continue reading Review: The Chinese Takeout Cookbook

Trimming the Fat: Meal Prep and Saving Money on Groceries

When I first lived on my own I would go grocery with hardly a list. It would include items that I ran out of like ketchup or eggs. I would wonder from aisle to aisle putting whatever in my cart. My grocery bill would never be the same and the food I selected was mostly … Continue reading Trimming the Fat: Meal Prep and Saving Money on Groceries

Don’t Ever Sneeze (The Saucy Meatball Post)

I grew up in a household heavily influenced by our Italian heritage. Homemade meatballs and sauce were the norm but none ever came close my grandmother's. Her's were THE BEST. I came close to replicating her meatballs once but that was a fluke. It was a last minute thing and I literally threw a bunch of … Continue reading Don’t Ever Sneeze (The Saucy Meatball Post)