I’ve Created a Monster: A Crafting Project

If you don’t know by now that I’m a Harry Potter fan, then you do now. I also like to craft and am a fan of starting projects before finishing others. Last year I painted ornaments for two of my Christmas gifts. One set was Harry Potter themed and the other was Yoga poses. A few months ago I created a Mirror of Erised and shortly after completing that I started on a Monster Book of Monsters. The book was intended as a Christmas present for a fellow Potter fan and now that she has received it I can post the process!










  • Thick book. I bought my book at a thrift store and it’s a medical book. I didn’t want to feel bad about destroying a good book and I had zero feelings toward this one.
  • Box cutter and Exacto knife. You could probably do it all with one of these but I preferred the Exacto knife for the corners.
  • Ruler and pencil/pen. To draw lines and mark things.
  • Glue. I used hot glue, super glue, and industrial glue in various places. If I had to pick one, then it’d be the industrial glue, E6000. It stinks horribly but is the boss bitch of crafting.
  • Paint. Brown, yellow, and black.
  • Paint brushes.
  • Felt. Red and off-white.
  • Fur-like fabric.
  • Beads.
  • Scissors. 


Books upon books.

After purchasing some books from the thrift store, I used E6000 around the outside of their pages. I placed other thrift store finds on top to help the pages stay flat during the drying process. I have to say that this project wasn’t very difficult it just involved a lot of waiting for things to dry. You could probably skip the hallowing phase if you didn’t want it to open. I liked the idea of the Monster guarding treasure within.

Then I measured my margins and went at it with the box cutter. The image on the left is my progress after 30 minutes or so. The one on the right is after several sessions and spending an hour fixing a corner. The fact that I couldn’t keep the corner precise is annoying and likely due to my impatience.

After I was happy with the depth I marked the felt for cutting. I then cut and glued it into place with hot glue. I had some issues with the corners but I was able to glue in little pieces to help patch some areas.

Next came the fun part! I marked my furry fabric and glued it to the book. I first used hot glue but that actually allowed the fabric to be easily removed so I reinforced using the E6000. I would probably just use the E6000 in the future. I then piled things on top to make sure it dried nice and smooth. I only did the bottom and spine at this point because I wanted the top portion loose for the eye installation.

I used some of my red felt to create gums and the off-white felt for teeth. Super glue attached the teeth to the gums and E6000 attached that to the book. After everything was attached I ended up going back with a highlighter to give the teeth a little more texture and to help them stand out against the white book pages.

I originally was going to buy googly eyes but when I couldn’t find the ones I wanted I bought beads instead. After painting them yellow I positioned them on the book to get an idea for placement. I marked under the fabric so I would know where to cut to create their sockets. At this point I realized the eyes weren’t stable and had the possibility of popping out. I used some felt to create cones for the beads and hot glue to hold everything together. Once that was nice and solid I affixed them to the book using E600. I used a little bit of super glue around the outside to help ensure a secure fit. Then I painted the pupils and the eyes came alive!

IMG_20171127_200655378 (1)








Now that things were taking shape the last thing I had to do was trim the fur. When I was doing this I noticed that the red of the book was very noticeable so I tried to paint it with some brown paint. I would recommend painting the book before starting because it’ll look better. The last thing I added was a tongue from red felt and voila! Monster Book of Monsters.

Monster Book of Monsters!

Final Thoughts

I wanted to create the Monster Book of Monster from Harry Potter and I wanted to do it from scratch. I mean, how hard could it be to hallow out a book?  I distinctly remember thinking that hallowing out a book wouldn’t be too hard. Well, it fucking was hard and I bitched about it. A lot. After the pages were cut it was a breeze! My friend loved it and I have two move that I want to make for other friends. I’m trying a different technique for cutting the pages though. We’ll see how that goes.


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