Take it Down to Project Town

Sometime in the middle of March my phone’s screen broke. It broke so hard that the touchscreen was messed up rendering it useless. The bright side of being without a cell phone for a few days is that it allows you to disconnect and tackle projects that you’ve been meaning to do for a while. And by “a while” I mean “at least a year and a half.” Not only did I manage to complete three (maybe four) sewing projects but I started a refinishing project that’s been sitting in my garage for two years.

The Internet Started It

Dog Bed
Inspiration from RustedTreasure.com

After moving into our house Pinterest was my go-to for everything project and design related. It still is but back then I was saving pin after pin for all the future projects that I was certain I would do. And, damn it, they were going to turn out just as great as the inspiration! I found an awesome pin featuring an end table-turned pet bed (sadly the website is no longer active) and decided I would give it a shot.

One day, a friend and I were checking out some thrift stores and I came across an end table that looked almost exactly like my inspiration. It was a dark wood color, had one door (the inspiration had two), and had some water damage on the bottom. It was super cheap and I figured if I fucked it up then I wouldn’t be out too much money. It came home with me and was placed in the garage. There is stayed.

Better Late Than Never

Mostly sanded.

Maybe after a year of collecting of dust in the garage I decided it was time to finally do something with that end table. So I removed the water damaged bottom and then didn’t touch it until a few weeks ago. Sadly I didn’t take a before picture because my camera was busted and I didn’t think of asking my husband to take one.

I bought myself a mouse sander (my first power tool!) and got to work! I think I did a pretty good job until it came to the bottom edges. It was a hard sanding the edge due to the limited space and the curve but I managed to get it … eventually. I also left the grooves on the top alone because 1- I didn’t have anything that skinny to get in there 2- I wasn’t about to buy something specifically for those stupid grooves. When I was pleased with how it looked I primed and painted.


Theme it!

Two-ish years ago I decided I was fed up with the closet in my “office”. It started with me taking everything out of the closet and ended two months later with a fresh coat of paint, refinished desk, and freshly shampooed carpets. As a finishing touch I decided the room was going to have an octopus theme. It involved a pillow, a wall decoration, and an octopus on the desk.

Office Revamp

Late last year I decided to incorporate more of that blue to the desk side of the room. I painted the two frames and a piece of paper to put in place of the chalkboard. In the process of trying to remove the chalkboard wrap from the original glass I broke it. Yup. I was so fucking pissed. Luckily Michael’s sells glass and plexiglas replacements for when you, or cats, break things. Go Michael’s!

Don’t judge for the non-matching chair and drawers. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Since then my desk’s finish has been ruined (apparently I didn’t let it cure enough, my bad!) and a few picture frames have been updated. When I started on the end table project I decided it would go in the office and if it turned out well (if I didn’t loose a finger with the sander) I would re-refinish my desk. I also decided that it needed to fit in thematically so I picked out an awesome octopus stencil. I then printed it, cut it out, taped it to the top of the end table, and sponged it on. I used the same off white and blue I used for my office space because I’m a hoarder who doesn’t get rid of paint.

Pretty Little Thing

After I sponged on the blue paint I connected some of the empty spots (strategic for stencil cutting) and smoothed out the paint (the sponge caused some bubbles). Later I came back and sharpened the lines with the white plaint and some touch-ups with more of the blue. Finally, once everything was dry it was time to put the polycrylic top coat on this pretty little thing!


I mentioned above that I didn’t allow my desk’s top to cure enough so I’m allowing this lovely stand to sit in the garage (away from kitty claws!) for two weeks to allow plenty of time. That means I don’t really have a picture of the final product looking shiny and new. In the meantime I plan on making a cat bed for the bottom, priming an old bookcase, and generally being impatient about waiting for the end table to be ready.


I bought a power tool and refinished a water damaged end table for an octopi themed office.