New Year!

It’s a new year which means it’s time for a new me! Right? No. Fuck that. I think it’s great that people take this opportunity to set resolutions for themselves but if you’ve read one of my first posts, then you know I don’t like resolutions. I don’t set them for myself. I make a rotating set of goals that change throughout the year. I do want to take the start of 2017 to look back on 2016 and grade myself.


Below are a few categories that don’t really encompass my whole year. They’re the “big buckets” that everything else gets unfairly categorized within. My grading system is simple. There are three “grades”: good, okay, and poor. I feel like they’re self-explanatory but if you have questions, let me know!

  • Blog. I’m giving myself an okay. I feel like I was moderately consistent but it petered off near fall. There’s definitely opportunity to improve but ultimately the fact that I haven’t deleted the blog after one year marvelous.
  • Crafting. Poor, poor, poor. I started far too many new projects and didn’t finish as many. I did clean out some desk drawers but that lead to purchasing more craft-ware that didn’t turn into anything.
  • Exercise. Okay. I did really well during the first quarter, then a weird on-off regimen for the middle two, then finally nothing for the final. I know why too. I stopped giving myself a “carrot”. If if I do X, then I’ll give myself Y. I discovered I do better with a reward system.
  • Food. Okay. Food choices could have been better. Eating out could have been less.
  • Reading. Poor. I started a lot of books last year. I bought a small library of them too. Did I read a majority? No. I read about three.

Adjustments and Additions

I want to continue working on the above but do better. Since I know goals with a reward are what motivate me, then I’ll adjust the above to include them. You do you, I’ll do me.

  • Crafting. I’m putting myself in crafting timeout. No more new crafts can be started until a bulk of what I already have is finished. There’s a lot. I’m hoping to finish at least one (at the best two or three) each month to help. Maybe those projects will turn into posts. Who know.
  • Left hand. A while ago I went for a massage and was told that they noticed my left side has some muscle weakness. Not only do I want to strengthen those muscles via exercise but I want to use my left hand for more things. My right hand is dominant so it’s going to take a lot of intention to remember to use my left instead. I think it would be cool to eventually be ambidextrous but I’ll settle for increasing my left hand coordination for now.
  • Puzzles. In the last few years I discovered a joy for puzzles. I like to find ones that fit my passions, put them together, glue them, and then frame them. Last year I found a gorgeous picture that I want to make into a puzzle (how cool is that?) but I have several that I haven’t put together yet. Before I go spending money and adding another puzzle to my collection, my goal is to complete two before I can go ahead with the new one.
  • Reading. In one of my previous posts I shared our new bookcases and the wonderful collection of books that fill them. I have a gift card for Barnes and Nobles but before I use it and add yet another book, I want to read at least five books and 25 for the entire year. That number is a little low, I know, but you have to start somewhere. You can see what I’m reading on Goodreads, btw.
  • Me. You’ll see so many things out there with the “new year, new me” slogan but I don’t want to be new. I want to be me. This year I want to be more true to myself. I don’t want other people’s thoughts and opinions to hinder me from doing something I like or stop me from expressing my joy for anything.


I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions so I call them goals instead and give them to myself throughout the year. This year is a lot of “No B until I finish A” and wanting to become ambidextrous.