Movie Fest!

I am a huge fan of the local library. It’s a great source of free entertainment and I’m a fan of free. This past week I checked out five movies and watched most of them because I have a lot of free time to spend avoiding housework. Since I am currently unhappy with another post I’m working on I thought forcing my opinion upon you would be a good distraction.


That movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen where JGL’s character has cancer. I thought this movie was going to be a Debbie Downer. I was expecting some heavy emotions and shit like that. It had it’s emotional moments but they were balanced really well with humor. Can a movie about cancer be entertaining? If so, then this is an entertaining movie and I enjoyed watching it a lot.

Bryce Dallas Howard is also in this movie and I can’t decide if I hate her character or if I just don’t like her as an actor.

Would watch again? Yes.


Keri Russell empties her bank account to have a Jane Austen experience. Jennifer Coolidge is also in this movie and she’s crazy in an awesome Jennifer Coolidge way. This movie isn’t winning any awards but it’s a funny, lighthearted, chick-flick. Okay, it’s borderline dumb. I was expecting more Jane Austen references but the movie isn’t focused on Austen and the audience doesn’t need to know much about the books or history. It’s about Russell’s character’s journey blah blah blah.

Would watch again? Nope.

What If

Daniel Radcliffe shows us that men and women can’t be friends without developing feelings. This movie is just as cheesy as I thought it would be but I enjoy seeing Radcliffe outside of the Harry Potter franchise. It’s predictable. It’s cute. It’s a rom-com. There’s not much else to say. Oh, Kylo Ren is in it! AND Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire and The Martian). She’s so cool… #girlcrush

Would watch again? Maaaaaybe.

Singin’ in the Rain

I love this movie. It’s a movie about movies and is just fun. You forgive the longer musical numbers on the pure fact that they are amazing and the actors are incredibly talented. If you haven’t seen this  movie, you should. It’s a classic. There’s some romance, comedy, and lots of music and dancing. It’s great.

Would watch again? Of course!

Jurassic World

Not my first time watching this movie, I don’t remember why I checked it out, and I didn’t watch it in its entirety. I’m not it’s biggest fan because there is nothing subtle about this movie. They overuse the theme song and the control room operator’s lines are just so obvious. We get it. The park is a corporate sell out. The mom with her emotions are so out of place and, I feel, unnecessary. Can we get that point across any other way? And Bryce Dallas Howard’s character/acting pisses me off. Why does she run around the jungle in heels? Break the heels off Romancing the Stone style and show me you’re a badass!

All that aside this movie is entertaining. Who doesn’t like to watch dinosaurs run amok and destroy shit?

Would watch again? Ugh… probably. Dinosaurs.

run amok
Wrong movie but appropriate.


I don’t like Bryce Dallas Howard.