C²: Crafting and Procrastinating

A few months ago my sewing needle broken while I was repairing a broken purse strap. Luckily for me the purse was as repaired as it was going to get so I didn’t see the need to replace the needle. This, of course, lead to the needle not being replaced for five months. I also used the broken needle as an excuse to not work on any other sewing projects because … Procrastinating is fun!

Broken Needle
The sad and broken needle.

Now it’s May and I finally broke down and dug out a spare needle. I also got a lovely rush of project energy and managed to complete five sewing projects! Okay, so three of those were just patching holes in shirts (I was wondering where some of them went!), one was actually refitting a shirt (I totally fucked up the neck line but whatevs), and the last was making a sleep mask.

Let’s Get Crafty

In the morning when my husband is getting ready for work I usually wrap my comforter around my head and leave a small hole around my nose so I don’t die. As you can imagine this isn’t the easiest practice so I thought “fuck this, where’s my sleep mask?!” Because, ya know, I had one given to me at one point but two or three moves later and who knows where it went. I’m a cheap ass so I wasn’t about to buy one so I decided to make one. Oh yeah!

First off, I had no idea how to make a sleep mask but I figured it couldn’t be that hard. I started with measuring the front of my head. Then I divided that by two because I’ll put the pattern on a folded piece of fabric. This is easier than cutting out the whole piece, just cut out half and you’ll get a whole! I used my fancy styling design ruler to measure and make the curve. BOOM! Pattern.

Pattern making, bitches!

After I made the pattern, I cut it out three times. Once for my top fabric, bottom fabric, and batting (I wanted that shit to be comfy and dark). I used “fabric weights” that I bought at a hardware store (WAAAAY cheaper than buying actual fabric weights, btw). After those were cut out, I pinned, pressed, and sewed!

Washers make cutting easy.


I trimmed down the batting to make a sleep mask sandwich.








After the top and bottom pieces were sewn together, I added the batting and sewed the top shut. I left the ends open so I could turn it inside out which was a pain in the ass. After making sure the batting was flat, it was time to make the band! I measured around my head, cut the elastic a little but shorter, and then sewed the casing using some of the same fabric.

I made sure to leave enough room for the elastic.
I attached a safety pin to the end and threaded it through the casing.








I think the next step is obvious — attaching the band. This part was a little messy but I figured no body going to be looking at my stitches when I’m sleeping in bed. From start to finish, it probably took a couple hours.

Finished project!

The Point?

If you can make it, then you don’t need to buy it!

What’s Next?

I have these cushions that I’ve been meaning to make for several months… Hooray for procrastinating!