Breakfast is for the Hungry

Many, many years ago my husband and I sat down and brainstormed ways to save money on groceries. One of the ways we agreed we could cut down that bill was to cut out cereal. It’s kind of expensive and not a very well-balanced meal. Not to mention you’d then have to buy milk which makes the cost of doing cereal more. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for quick and easy breakfasts that we can either make ahead (or very quickly put together in the morning) and are more well rounded than a bowl of sugar. Below are some of the breakfasts I’ve made that I could (easily) find pictures for. Get your food on!

Mmmmm, so tasty!

  • Waffles are easy to make! This picture was from National Waffle Day a year or two ago where we made buttermilk pancakes and banana and walnut pancakes. Freeze a few in a bag, take them out the night before, and pop them in the microwave. The first time we did this I was worried that the waffles would come out soggy or just taste funny. Nope! They turned out just fine.


  • I love scones. There are so many varieties you can make that it’s really just a matter of finding the ones you like. These lemon poppy seed scones are the fucking best and a must-have with the lemon curd. The recipe is from this book.


  • I honestly haven’t made bagels in a long time but they’re a great option for an on-the-go breakfast. They’re a lot easier to make than you think too! I like to put jalapenos in them for a little extra spice. My husband likes to put cream cheese, tomato, and cucumber on his while I prefer to make an egg and ham sandwich. I think the basic recipe is also from the book I linked above.


  • I had to find a recipe for dairy-free puff pastry for this breakfast “wrap”. In case you’re not familiar with puff pastry, it’s all fucking butter. I didn’t think I would find one but I did and it doesn’t suck! That recipe + eggs, bacon, and red bell pepper = breakfast heaven. Here’s the puff pastry recipe, an extreme bonus that it’s super quick, and the original inspiration for the wrap.

Breakfast Wrap

  • I could not talk about our favorite breakfasts without talking about the FDs. Before my body betrayed me, the ham and cheese savoy square from Starbucks was a favorite of mine. This pastry was so damn delicious that I had to try to replicate it. Basically, it’s croissant dough, ham, Swiss cheese, and bechamel sauce. So I made it. This is the result and the result was good, although it looks like a hot mess compared to Starbucks’. My husband was just as taken as I was and named them Fucking Delicousnesses, or FDs for short. For the record, I hate making croissant dough because it’s so damn time consuming and I have no damn patience but it’s totally worth it for these guys. Since 3/4 of this recipe is dairy-related, I doubt I’ll be making them any time soon. I’ll miss you FDs!!


He Did the Mash … the Granola Mash

A recent obsession of mine has been granola bars. I’ve had all the ingredients to make them for months but haven’t. Don’t ask me why. When I needed to make snacks back in February I decided now was the time but instead of making granola bars I made homemade Kind bars. The first time I made them they fell apart but were pretty fucking tasty. Despite them not having any bit of granola in them, we nicknamed them Granola Mash.

Granola Mash

I have made these a variety of ways with different kinds of nuts, dried cranberries instead of cherries, chocolate rice cereal instead of plain, peanut butter instead of almond, honey and agave, without pumpkin seeds, and without flaxseeds. They still tasted amazing. I do prefer to make them with agave because it helps hold everything together vs honey, but I’ve found that putting them in the refrigerator after they’re cooled helps too. I just need to practice cutting uniformly!

The Point?

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring!

What’s Next?

Food. This post made me hungry.