The Worse Theme Song Ever

Grabbed this image from Wikipedia.

A few years ago a co-worker mentioned this show, The 4400, and I was intrigued. Luckily it was on Netflix so I added it to my queue and forgot about it. That happens a lot when you have 50+ titles in your list. The husband and I decided to watch it together and we got a few episodes in when he bailed. Last year as I (slowly) whittled my lengthy list of titles down I decided to take another shot at this sucker. It was rough but over several months I managed to watch all four seasons.

What is it About?

Throughout the last 50 years people have disappeared in a mysterious ball of light. Then  all 4400 of them return in a mysterious ball of light and have powers like mind control, invisibility, and other crazy shit. Why did they come back? Why do they have powers? Why those particular people? These were the questions that I asked and kept me watching the show. I have to give it to the writers, they did answer those questions but left me asking more. “Why did they come back?  To fix the future. Well… what’s wrong with the future? It sucks.” Cliffhanging bastards.

So How Was it?

  • The acting wasn’t that great but I’ve seen worse. I have a bad habit of starting a show and refusing to stop watching it no matter how craptastic it may be. I’ve gotten better at this as I’ve been trying to really get my Netflix queue down. I got in the 20’s last year and then added a whole bunch of more shit to it and it’s currently at 41.
  • Some of the story lines were down right crazy. Especially season three and four. The shit that went down in season three almost made me stop watching but I thought to myself, “I’ve come to far! I only have X number of episodes left. I can do this!” Ugh… what a slippery slope. Additionally, I can’t say that the show “jumped the shark” because the wackiness wasn’t completely out of the realm of the show (future Earth inhabitants mucking it all up).
  • You could use the theme song as a method of torture. I became very skilled in jumping to the end of this horrible tune. It’s not catchy and I found it to be a little too obvious for the show. If you’re in the mood to hate something, you can check it out. Before you go thinking that this is a minor thing to count against a show, it’s not. Theme songs are fucking important. Good ones you sing along to. Bad ones you fast forward through.

Side note: when did Netflix get rid of the “list order”? I had to manually count the titles instead of doing a quick scroll to the bottom. Ugh. Technology making me manually do something.

The Verdict: 2/5

I’m glad it’s over. I wouldn’t watch it again nor would I recommend it to a friend. However, I can see how people would really like it but it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. If you liked Flash Forward, then you’ll probably like The 4400. And vice versa.

Maybe I just wanted more people to listen to that horrible song. Misery loves company!

What’s Next?

I’m really looking forward to catching up on season 2 of the Blacklist. ♥ James Spader