The Journey in January!

Whew! I survived the first month of 2016 and it’s officially February. This month is going to kick ass. We’re going to see a Broadway musical (touring), see a much anticipated movie, and go to our first festival/con! Taxes are in there too but those are boring and too adult. But January wasn’t bad. In fact, one might say that I accomplished a lot. And since I think it’s important to acknowledge your accomplishments, that “one” will be me!

Toot Toot!

  • I got to hang out with some of my college friends! It was so much fun. I love seeing those guys. It sucks that everyone is so dispersed but it makes those times when you’re together so much more special.
  • I completed my January goal of touching up the paint in the kitchen. I waited until the 30th and 31st but it still counts! The tiny bit of barely noticeable pink that peaked out bothered me. I feel better now that it’s all covered. I swear I’m not OCD.
  • I finished several projects/gifts! This is a major feat for me because I’m awful at finishing projects. I also started several projects! It’s a vicious cycle. Post to follow!
  • I finished two TV shows and watched some movies. Post to follow!
  • I dug out some old computer games and played them a bunch. Roller Coaster Tycoon and Pharaoh anyone? I played these when they first came out and they seemed difficult. Now that I have some skills they’re not very hard (except those later levels in Pharaoh!) but still really enjoyable.
  • Because I dug out some old computer games (and put away the Christmas decorations) I ended up “upgrading” our storage. I replaced three, somewhat ratty cardboard boxes with hard plastic storage containers (big Tupperware!). It makes me happy when things are nice and organized. Okay, maybe I’m a little OCD…
A pic from when I visited friends. Albert (a huge jalapeno) and Felecia (fell-e-see-ah)!

And For February?

I’ve already named the highlights but here is the other stuff I have on my radar.

  • Completing a project/present is only part of the journey. You actually have to get it to the recipient. I already gave two of them to the receiver a week or two ago so there’s only one to mail but I have crap that’s been piling up for the P.O. Gotta mail stuff!
  • My Sister-In-Law got me sewing machine feet for Christmas! I’m very excited to play around with them so I’ll probably start making chair cushions. Our dining chairs are wood and could use some cushions for our tushies.
  • Last month I organized my YouTube videos (it made me happy). I had a lot in my Watch Later folder that I’d already watched but was saving for some reason or another so I made other folders to sort them into . In doing so I discovered a Yoga channel (Yoga With Adriene) that I had been interested in but forgot about. She recently did a Yoga Camp-30 Day Home Practice and I want to give it a shot.
Kara does yoga!

The Point?

“…grab life by the dick.”¹

What’s Next?

I still need to get the printer hooked up to our WiFi…



¹Ninja Sex Party. “You Can Do Us!” NSFW. 2011. MP3.