It’s All About the Board Games

I enjoy playing games. Computer games, console games, board games, whatever. Since moving in with my husband our board game collection has steadily increased over the years.  We saw a boom in our collection since we started to watch TableTop a couple years ago. TableTop is a YouTube show hosted by Wil Wheaton where he and some friends play games. Who knew watching other people play games would be so entertaining? It is. It’s great. We love it. Check it out here.

I wouldn’t call our collection a magnificent one but it’s a decent size and keeps us and our visitors entertained. There is one currently being kept in a closet, Star Wars Monopoly, for two reasons. 1- It doesn’t physically fit and I didn’t feel like playing Jenga to make it 2- We don’t play it. I’m one of those people who grew up in a household that didn’t play Monopoly properly and it would go on and on and one and on. So I don’t like playing. I should probably learn how to play it correctly…

I’m not going to go over all our games in this post and will instead break it up. Probably not in any particular order other than where they’re currently being stored. And they’re not really stored in any particular fashion either so there’s that.

The first batch of games kindly numbered for your convenience.


Before we Start

Back when I was in college I decided I had to have the Star Wars Monopoly. Let’s be honest, I wanted the pieces. Being as poor as I was I turned to eBay and found a lovely pack of Star Wars games available for something like $25. It included Monopoly, Life, Stratego, and Jedi Unleashed: Battle of Geonosis. So that’s why there are so many Star Wars games. I did not seek out each of these games, just the best deal. I don’t know why I had to share that…

1: Battleship

Many years ago I had a bad hankering to play me some Battleship but for the life of me I couldn’t find a non-ridiculous copy in any store. I didn’t want lights, sound, or batteries required. I wanted the Battleship I grew up with and I could not find anything slightly resembling it. This was before I was on the Amazon train so I hoped on over to eBay and got myself this version for .99 cents. Okay. It was probably like $5 after shipping and shit, but whatever.

It’s a classic! 5/5

2: Forbidden Island

Saw this on TableTop and had to have it. It was our first co-op game and we love it. Working together, you and your teammates have to collect four treasures and get your asses off the island before it sinks.

Easy and fun! 5/5

3: Deck of Cards

We have 7 deck of cards. SEVEN! One deck is Star Wars, one is Star Trek, and the rest are all boring, regular decks. My husband uses the boring ones for poker but should we want to play a game of Bridge, we know they’re there. First, we’d have to learn how to play Bridge.

Great for a ton of shit! 5/5

4: Clue

Sadly, not the version I grew up playing but a good game nevertheless. Collect clues to find out where the murder went down, with what weapon, and who did it. It hardly gets any play because the minimum requirement is 3 players and we don’t have as many game nights as we’d like. Plus, when you have as wide a selection of games as we do, Clue just doesn’t crack the top ten.

Fun but collects dust. 3/5

5 & 6: Life and Star Wars Life

I’m grouping these bitches together because I’m already getting tired of this post. They’re both spin-the-dial-and-move games. The regular Life isn’t the version I grew up playing. All those old-school games got updated around the time I wanted to buy them so I got stuck with what I got. I prefer the Star Wars Life because there’s a little more to it and less crap to set up. Not the greatest because you have to spin a certain number to get past some things, but a nice spin on the original.

Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi. 3/5

7: Stratego

There are a few games that I enjoy but I absolutely suck at playing. This is one of them. You move your dudes and attack the other playing hoping their dude’s number is lower than yours. Capture the “flag” and you win. I understand the game. I do. But I fail. Every. Fucking. Time. The hubby is great at these games so he wins and does not play any differently for the likes of me.

I’m a sucker. 4/5

8: Chez Geek

Another TableTop game. Everyone gets an occupation with a slack goal and you play cards to help you meet that goal and fuck over other players. We love this game. As a bonus it came with some blank cards so you can make your own jobs, actions, and item cards. We spent a solid hour one night filling them out. It was great.

Highly recommended. 5/5

9: Cranium

It’s a party game that no one ever wants to play! You and your teammate/s must complete the task to move on. First one to the middle wins. I think we’ve played it once in the last three years.

Dust collector. 2/5

10: Trivial Pursuit

We used to play this one a lot before we started beefing up our game collection. The best part about this version is that you can pick your own categories. You used to be able to go online and download them but it’s been a while so you can’t. I’m sure they’re still available on some weird, third-party site but I don’t have time for that.

Marvel category anyone? 4/5

11: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Trivia Game

Wooo! Probably one of my favorite things I found at a thrift store! The questions are really specific so your knowledge better be on point. Things get crazy when the hubby starts to lose which makes it extra entertaining. We had another one that involved Quidditch but the rules were crazy so re-donated it.

Thrift store treasure! 4/5

12: Jedi Unleashed: Battle of Geonosis

Fuck. I thought we got rid of this game. 1/5

13: Risk: Plants vs Zombies

This is one of those games that the husband is really good at and I am not but like to play anyway. It’s actually a 2-1 but we’ve only ever played the Risk side because … that’s the game we already know how to play. It’s similar to Stratego in that it’s all about numbers and placing your dudes. This one is a little different because you don’t have to conquer the board, just met the objectives.

Glutton for punishment. 3/5

The Point?

In the words of Wil Wheaton, “Play more games!”

What’s Next?

Jedi Unleashed is going in the fucking donation pile.

A decent collection. Probably gonna break this up into at least three posts.