Hello there!

Welcome to my blog! Whether you found your way here on purpose or accident it’s all the same to me. Thank you for letting my blog take up a little bit (or a lot) of your time.

Haven’t we been here before?

I’ve started and deleted other blogs but, like those other blogs, I’m hoping this one sticks. If it doesn’t, then at least I tried. Again. This attempt was inspired by a friend. Her blog is great. It’s funny and interesting and she posts amazing pictures! It also has a point which I’m envious of. My blog doesn’t have a point. It’s going to include a lot of different things. Oh, snap! Maybe that’s the point?

What to expect.

Well, my Twitter (@Cher_Squared) says “An amalgam of writer, geek, techie, and crafter with too many interests to pick one. But it’s mostly cats.” and Instagram (cher.squared) says “Cats, crafts, and other crap. But mostly cats.”. So… Let’s go with those!

You can expect a range of things from crafts (mostly crochet but some sewing and DIY too), reviews of books and movies, travels, cooking/food, and whatever other random mind purgings I feel like typing up. It could be anything. I have a lot of interests and they all take their turn in the spotlight of my mind. Maybe not equally but whatever.

Oh, and cursing. I curse a lot but generally not on social media (gotta save those characters!). I make no promises that this blog will stay expletive free.

Let’s get sentimental for a second. You can expect positivity from this blog. A lot of shit happens and I find it best to always find a positive in every situation. Even if it’s the tiniest and stretchiest crumb of positivity, I think it’s necessary to find it. Spin it to win it! That makes me think of this classic tune: http://bit.ly/QprL4a .

What not to expect.

Consistency. I can barely fold and put away my clothes in a timely fashion therefore I cannot be held to any kind of updating schedule. K? Thanks.

What about the cats?

I’m a crazy cat lady (like you couldn’t tell) so it goes without saying that of course there’ll be cats. I don’t know in what capacity they’ll make an appearance but I do have at least two craft projects lined up that are cat related. You’re welcome in advance.

What’s next?



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